Posted by: Grant | August 29, 2012

AUS Carbon Tax Watered Down.


Took off like the proverbial lead balloon didn’t it?!

Facing electoral disaster over electricity rates that must necessarily skyrocket to set a good example to others to save the planet, despite the Asians, Indians, Russians, Brazilians and Africans being somewhat difficult, if not obdurate, the Labor/Greens Government has capitulated to reality to try and save its own skin.

Linking collective carbon insanities
by: Terry McCrann
From:Herald Sun August 29, 201212:00AM

” …We will be literally paying foreigners for the right to keep our own power stations operating. And also, what few factories we have left.
No wonder former Labor Queensland state treasurer, Keith de Lacy, sees this as an exercise in collective insanity.
The deal will also get the government out of its hole, that it was insisting on a minimum price for buying-in those foreign permits after 2015, that was going to be way above the likely ‘world price’.
But that led on to the bizarre ‘projection’ – wish, more accurately – that the European price would have shot up from its current level below $10 a carbon unit to over $20 by 2015.
So we have the government changing its two-month old carbon tax to enable Australian companies to buy cheaper permits. While hoping that the permits will actually be much more expensive by 2015.
That is to say, the government wants power prices and other prices to be even higher. Which is why Greens leader Christine Milne was all smiles in her backflip. She and her predecessor Bob Brown demanded a $15 minimum price to force higher power prices; she’s now ecstatic, as she believes this deal will ensure they are even higher.
But even that’s fantasy…. “

The Labor/Greens price-on-carbon is looking more and more like the Coalition’s “Direct Action” price-on-carbon. The voter must now decide who to trust to be less painful….     Mmmm?


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