Posted by: Grant | August 30, 2012

Bob Carter In Quadrant.

Bob Carter And Quadrant – always a combination of excellence.

We watch on sadly as science, which has so enriched our lives, has been seized and debased and corrupted.

A bumper week for climateers
by Bob Carter August 28, 2012
Last week saw the release of a CSIRO report card entitled Marine Climate Change in Australia, and a Climate Commission Report The Critical Decade – Victorian climate impacts and opportunities.

” …In short, tropical marine species appearing further south is neither scientific news, nor anything to be worried about, and is a completely normal part of Australia’s environmental variability. And, needless to say, no evidence whatever exists that Australian carbon dioxide emissions have anything at all to do with the matter.  

To summarise, the new CSIRO Marine Report Card is a beautifully designed and expensively reproduced publicity brochure that carries no scientific standing. The authors of the report appear to hold the naïve view that nature is static, which they combine with the environmental evangelistic assumption that any and all of the changes that they describe must have been caused by human factors.  

As long ago as 1941, the distinguished British biologist Conrad Waddington wrote:

 “It is …. important that scientists must be ready for their pet theories to turn out to be wrong. Science as a whole certainly cannot allow its judgment about facts to be distorted by ideas of what ought to be true, or what one may hope to be true”.  

Like Occam before him, Waddington was right.”

Back in 1941, of course, governments were not pouring huge amounts of money into “The Science”, aimed at manipulating the masses to support a political, ideological, premise.


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