Posted by: Grant | September 20, 2012

CSIRO Junket

The CSIRO sent 40, yes 40, scientists to London to prepare us for the Rio +20 fiasco, oh, and World Government of course!

The CSIRO sold us a PUP
by Tony Thomas September 9, 2012

“However, the London warm-up is worth a second look, if only because

•  More than 40 CSIRO people attended.[1] Assuming $6000 per head on fares, hotels etc, that’s a quarter-million dollars
•  Another 40 Australian scientists and academics also went along – make that a half-million dollars total.[2] [3] Did any attend the conference session on “Reinforcing sustainable travel behaviour”?
•  “Nut-jobs on the internet” claimed the London show pushed for Dr-Evil-style global climate government.  I found coded remarks in the conference verbiage but then turned up a press interview by the conference’ co-chair, our CSIRO’s top climateer Mark Stafford-Smith. He called for a “sustainable development council within the United Nations that has the same level of authority as the Security Council.”[4] Not bad from a non-elected CSIRO politician. Pause to reflect that 55% of the 193 UN countries are dictatorships.[5]… “


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