Posted by: Grant | September 26, 2012

Climate Commissars Do Queensland.

Just ONCE I’d like a reporter from the mainstream media get a balancing comment on these sensationalist alarmist claims. The fact that this is a Government funded body promoting the Government stipulated premise behind the Government’s new carbon tax should be enough to ignore it completely, but, never letting the facts get in the way of a good doomsday report, Channel Nine motors on –


Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is distinctly unimpressed – “the future generations have got plenty of time to plan for that, and, er, in 90 years who knows what’ll happen, who knows if this report is 100% accurate?”

Tom Tate is correct, Climate Commissar Prof Hughes pumps up the worst-case UN IPCC “projection” from 80cm to 110 cm because “higher levels cannot be ruled out”, “depending on the stability of the major ice sheets” – yeah right!

From their own glossy report –
Queensland climate impacts and opportunities

Page 4
1.4 Sea-level rise Global sea level rose at a rate of 1.7 mm per year over the 20th century. This rate has increased to about 3.2 mm per year over the last two decades. Rates of sea-level rise vary regionally, as has been observed along Queensland’s coasts. Depending on the region, the sea level along Queensland’s coasts is rising at, or above, the global average. The observed global sea level is tracking close to the upper range of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) model projections. The IPCC projections for the end of this century, compared to the 1990 baseline, range from about 20 cm to 80 cm but higher levels cannot be ruled out (IPCC, 2007; DCC, 2009). Most experts agree that a rise within the range of 50 cm to 100 cm is most likely by 2100. However, depending on the stability of the major ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic, a sea-level rise over 100 cm is a distinct possibility.
Then they re-interpret that again.
Page 6
As described in Section 1.4, experts agree that global sea level is likely to rise 50–100 cm by 2100 compared to 2010. Even at the lower end, a 50 cm increase in sea level would contribute to a significant increase in the frequency of coastal flooding (Figure 6).
And finally, in case someone takes them seriously and looses a lot of money as a result. (Taxpayers excepted)
Page 28
This document is produced for general information only and does not represent a statement of the policy of the Commonwealth of Australia. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the material contained in this document, the Commonwealth of Australia and all persons acting for the Commonwealth preparing this report accept no liability for the accuracy of or inferences from the material contained in this publication, or for any action as a result of any person’s or group’s interpretations, deductions, conclusions or actions in relying on this material.”

model projections” = “see what we think will happen”

Satellites now measure sea level.
The actual
( see ) sea level rise is NOT 3.2mm it is 2.8mm per year.
That would be 28cm by 2100, IF it continues to rise, it may not, we don’t know – NOT 110cm as claimed.

This is a recent update –
Is Sea Level Rise Accelerating?
Posted on May 16, 2012 by Anthony Watts
Guest post by Paul Homewood

See the staggering amount of largess being pumped into corrupting “The Science” of Climate Change by the three pages of “References” (in small print) at the end of the glossy Climate Commission Report.

Here is some contradictory science from the excellent Popular Technology website –
1100+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarm
Sea Level

More Papers On Sea Level Here –


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