Posted by: Grant | September 30, 2012

RET FAIL – Scotland

Scotland ‘not windy enough’ for green power

Published on Thursday 27 September 2012 11:50

” …But the three-month fall prompted opposition concerns over the growing number of windfarms, despite local concerns they are inefficient as well as a scar on the landscape. Tory MSP Murdo Fraser, convenor of Holyrood’s energy committee said:

 “Wind power is an unreliable and intermittent form of energy production. “The 147,000 homes that Fergus Ewing claims could be powered by renewable energy would have to turn their lights off when the wind isn’t blowing at a sufficient speed. We can’t build a sustainable energy policy for the future purely on wind turbines alone.”

 Electricity from wind power almost halved from 2,461 GW to 1,390 GW over the first two quarters of the year and was down more than 250 GWh year on year. The Scottish Government put the falls down to low rainfall, which help power hydro plants, in April and May, while “lower wind speeds”. …”

(RET = Renewable Energy Target in AUS)


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