Posted by: Grant | October 2, 2012

Labor Uses PM’s Father In Polls bounce.

The Australian PM has had the worst Karma (fate) of any PM in recent history. Nothing works for her. Then her father died and seriously disoriented her, but at least her polls bounced back up.

Now she has had to suffer the exploitation of her father’s death by her own party as they desperately try to keep up the dead cat bounce.

Here the Leftist Public Broadcaster, The ABC, joins in the attack on a Sydney Shock Jock by the ALP’s wind-up retired professor who brought us the Garnaut Report – the AUS equivalent of the infamous Stern Review.

” …EMMA ALBERICI: Now finally, Professor Garnaut, I wanted to ask you to reflect on the nature of public discussion in this country after those comments about the Prime Minister’s father by broadcaster Alan Jones.

Now I’m asking you this question because you yourself were a victim, if you like, of some abuse by Alan Jones, who has called you in relation to your Climate Change Review for the Government, he’s called you a “galoot” and a “dunce”, labelling you also the “Federal Government’s climate change headkicker”.

He’s also called the notion of global warming a “hoax” and “witchcraft”. What do you think that says about the level of debate in this country given he has an audience of listeners something like half a million – in Sydney, that is?

ROSS GARNAUT: Yes. Well on the hoax and witchcraft, there’s no doubt what climate science says and the people who are clinging to the false hope that it’s all a hoax and a bit of witchcraft are diminishing. There’s a few still kicking and screaming, and increasingly, sadly, it will become clear that they’re really on the margins of things.

But more importantly, Alan Jones is a manifestation of a serious degeneration of Australian media and political culture in the last few years. The degeneration’s associated with the crowding out of information and analysis by noise, by abuse, by thuggery. If we don’t correct this degeneration of our political culture, Australia’s got no hope of dealing with the serious problems in the period ahead….. “

This man delivered a so-called independent report to the AUS Government on Climate Change – yeah right!

The public of course hardly glanced up from their personal communicators long enough to notice Alan Jones’ unfortunate bugged remarks to the Liberal Party faithful. They have made up their minds. They are now getting their new carbon tax power bills in the mail.

POSTSCRIPT – Alan Jones almost single handedly (Andrew Bolt as well) killed off “Climate Change” by creating a very real doubt about “the science” and thus did a great service to his country.


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