Posted by: Grant | October 16, 2012

Ha Ha Ha – You do get a laugh Sometimes

One more for the Its-gettin-harder-an-harder-t-b-a-faithful-true-believer Department.

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice
By SETH BORENSTEIN | Associated Press – Wed, Oct 10, 2012.

“WASHINGTON (AP) — The ice goes on seemingly forever in a white pancake-flat landscape, stretching farther than ever before. And yet in this confounding region of the world, that spreading ice may be a cockeyed signal of man-made climate change, scientists say…. “

Scientists Say – But don’t worry folks, trust us, by 2100 we will start to see SOME Global Warming, the ice will melt again, meanwhile be satisfied with “Climate Change”, oh, and any extreme weather that comes along  – YEAH, RIGHT!


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