Posted by: Grant | October 18, 2012

Debate 2 – Still no mention of “Climate”

 Millions of people were duped by the Climate Change alarmists, including Romney and Obama.

There is a huge, failed, industry now built up around it which will need to be dismantled.

It is still a spiritual belief to many and you don’t get people to vote for you by reminding them how gullible you and they were, or by challenging their spiritual beliefs.

It is getting harder and harder to find anti Climate Change issues for this blog now because nobody is pushing it. It is coasting along on tired old  cliches (Arctic ice, bad weather events, insignifigant temperature rises etc, etc), with its proponents now relying on abuse instead of argument.

If you are an American voter, Romney will be better at dismantling the disaster – Obama is locked into it and will have to let it slowly fade away, or worse, be ready to resume it full on after the election.


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