Posted by: Grant | October 25, 2012

Propoganda From The Government Broadcaster

Leigh Sales smooches up to the new, revised, warm and fuzzy, aussie Climate Change Minister – asks him a Dorothy-dixer – but don’t you want energy use to fall?   To which he replys – no, we’re going Renewable and it’s working!

Pigs Arse!

Leigh Leigh fails to point out to Greggy that a “Renewable” power generator, capable of providing baseload electrical power to the grid, simply does not yet exist, has not been invented.

Wind and Solar need fossil fuel power generators idling in the background to take up the slack at short notice – an extremely expensive, inefficient and counter-productive way of providing power. Hydro does work, but Greenies hate dams and you eventually run out of dam sites.

And don’t you just love it when a politician starts quoting figures – “lies, damned lies and statistics”.
The big lie in “Renewables” is to cite capacity as actual output.
A so-called 100 megawatt “Renewable” power generator only produces 30 megawatts on average and the remaining 70 megawatts comes from engineers frantically winding the steam turbines up and down, which is so inefficient that there is really not much point to it. Nothing signifigant is actually saved.

The simple fact is that if were to replace, instead of duplicate, any more of all our real power stations with “Renewables” the power supply to our houses will start to cut in and out all the time like in some Third World Country.

ABC 7.30 Report


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