Posted by: Grant | October 30, 2012

US Shale Gas/Oil Bonanza – Oopsie To Obama & EPA!

While Obama and the EPA were trying, somewhat successfully, to supress the coal and oil drilling industries to save-the-planet, they failed to stop “fracking” and the USA looks set to boom despite the efforts of the UN IPCC revolutionaries to destroy their economy.

Must Read – this excellent, objective report on “Energy”

Europe left behind as shale shock drives America’s industrial resurgence
The wonders of US shale gas continue to amaze. We receive fresh evidence by the day that swathes of American industry have acquired a massive and lasting advantage in energy costs over global rivals, demolishing assumptions about US economic decline.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
7:08PM GMT 28 Oct 2012

” …The revival of the chemical industry is a spin-off from the greater drama of America’s energy rebound, though a very big one. As many readers will have seen, the US energy department said last week that the country will produce 11.4m barrels a day (b/d) of oil, biofuels, and liquid hydrocarbons next year, almost as much as Saudi Arabia.
America looks poised to become the world’s biggest producer in 2014. It will approach the Holy Grail of “energy independence” before the end of the decade.
This is largely due to hydraulic fracturing – blasting rock with water jets – to extract shale gas and oil, though solar power and onshore wind are playing their part.
Europe is going in the opposite direction, drifting towards energy suicide. So is Japan as it… “


” …The gas differential with Europe and Asia will narrow gradually over time but there is no genuine global market for gas. Prices are local, dictated by pipelines… “

” ..While LNG helps plug shortages, it requires shipping at minus 116 degrees and at great expense in molybdenum alloy hulls. It then needs an elaborate infrastructure at the docking port…. “

” …Germany seems to think it can power Europe’s foremost industrial machine from off-shore wind in the Baltic… “

” …France has shale but has imposed a drilling moratorium It will shut down a nuclear plant for good measure to appease the Greens. Italy has banned nuclear power, yet has little else…. “

” …Britain has been sauntering slowly towards a debacle for nearly fifteen years. Eight coal plants are to close by 2015 as they burn up their EU carbon allowances. Much of the UK’s nuclear industry is on its last legs. No new plant has yet been commissioned. What we have is a very big gamble on off-shore wind… “



  1. One reason many are concerned about burning coal is that largely owing to the coal plant emissions, fish in Most lakes in the U.S. are so laden with mercury that fish consumption limits are necessary. For people who eat fish (most Americans) this is a problem. No one who understands the complexities involved is arguing for a total ban on burning coal; but, similarly, no one with any sense is cheering its use either. The greater one’s understanding of these matters, the more difficult it becomes to excoriate, say, Mr. Obama, or the GOP, or big business, or environmentalists, or other boogiemen. As for fracking… again, as easy it is to set up straw men and have at them, it’s not that simple.

    • It is so sad to see genuine environmentalists like you manipulated by the UN IPCC. I just hope that nature conservation survives the backlash as the “Climate Change” lies become more and more apparent. We need you.
      Of course, like methane is a GHG in name only (it is almost undetectable in air), mercury emmisions are also less than trivial and almost undetectable in air It is like an arsenic scare. There may be arsenic in your milk, but do a few molecules of it matter in the slightest?!
      If you’re really worried about mercury, have Compact Fluro lightbulbs banned. They are leaching literally tonnes of mercury out into our landfills and into the water table – all to save-the-planet!

      • Puzzling response. You believe anyone not in lockstep with your point of view is being “manipulated?” You seem angry and ready to lash out at even those with whom you might find common ground…

  2. The truth is not with the ‘warmists’…and life has evolved with traces of alkaloids, such are natural even is the ocean’s waters. The effort to blame coal use for alkaloid pollution is been put down, I recall many papers with I could link to but recall Grant has mentioned previously some. It is all good to be concerned for the Environment, but not to fantasies’ as to what is ‘natural’ whilst ignoring what is naturally within the environment. Coal use cannot be realistically blamed, it is simply a political convenience for those pushing a ‘social agenda’ to blame ‘fossil fuel’.

    • nice to see you’re still with me – thank you 🙂

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