Posted by: Grant | November 1, 2012

BrokeAwe – Stupid Old Fart

Al Gore put an image of Hurricane Katrina on his “Inconvenient Truth” and alarmists have been waiting for another good one ever since.

Tom Broakaw

“We have a very perilous Atlantic seaboard now as we seen with these series of ever larger and ever more destructive storms”
Uh, what storms Tom?! There is NO “series of ever larger and ever more destructive storms” – this is an isolated event – DURH!!!

” …But now, because of climate change, and let’s be clear about this: We have climate change under way. Global warming, that’s another question that should be addressing as well. A vast majority of the meteorologists and scientists in the country, and in the world who study these kind of events have concluded that there is global warming and obviously we do have climate change. So, we have to plan for the future based on these realities, Andrea, and this is a huge wake up call…. “
Yes Tom, climate changes, climate always changes – death, taxes and climate changes.

Human Climate Change = Global Warming = Climate Change, 
Tom, the theory is that human carbon dioxide output will cause a greenhouse gas effect, warm the planet and cause the climate to change Tom. You cannot have climate change without global warming Tom.

Have a Bex and a good lie down!
Oh, and Tom, Hurricane Sandy cannot be caused by “Global Warming” because there has been NO global warming for 16 years now, despite an exponential rise in “emissions” – waiting, waiting, waiting…

Roger Pielke: Hurricanes and Human Choice
Sandy was terrible, but we’re currently in a relative hurricane ‘drought.’ Connecting energy policy and disasters makes little scientific sense.
Updated October 31, 2012, 9:54 p.m. ET

“To put things into even starker perspective, consider that from August 1954 through August 1955, the East Coast saw three different storms make landfall—Carol, Hazel and Diane—that in 2012 each would have caused about twice as much damage as Sandy.

While it’s hardly mentioned in the media, the U.S. is currently in an extended and intense hurricane “drought.” The last Category 3 or stronger storm to make landfall was Wilma in 2005. The more than seven years since then is the longest such span in over a century.”


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