Posted by: Grant | November 3, 2012

BBC Disgraced

In October 2007 Stewart Dimmock, a Kent school governor, took Al Gore to court over A. I. Truth and forced 9 corrections.
Gore’s climate film has scientific errors – judge

In October 2012 a North Wales pensioner is still doggedly pursuing the mighty BBC in court over its blatant “Climate” Bias.

BBC accused of “systematic bias” and climate change cover-up
The public-funded broadcaster appeared in court this week to defend its decision to conceal the names of “scientific experts” that attended a BBC climate change seminar in 2006

” …It has also come to light this week that the BBC is in for a further grilling over its bias, inaccurate and dishonest reporting – this time from Conservative MP, Peter Lilley.
Lilley has accused the BBC of “systematic bias in its handling of climate change evidence” in a complaint regarding a Newsnight programme Mr Lilley participated in on 5th September 2012.
In the MPs letter to David Jordan, BBC Director of Editorial Policy and Standards, published on The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) website, the MP says; “The BBC cannot credibly suppress the views of those who think the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) too alarmist while promoting those who think it too cautious”.
The member of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee further added: “The BBC has taken the position that the views of ‘climate sceptics’ will not be given airtime since the science has been settled by the IPCC.
Inevitably the BBC lays itself open to the charge not just of inconsistency but of backing the side of the argument which gives ammunition to those on the statist, liberal left persuasion who want to control every aspect of the economy – a position with which the BBC has allowed itself to be associated”.

Lord Lawson, the chairman of GWPF has written to Lord Patten, chairman of the BBC Trust to call for an investigation into the complaint made by Mr Lilley and the wider problem.
Lawson says it is “namely the case for the BBC to migrate from its one-sided reportage and propaganda of the conventional wisdom on climate change and climate change policies to a more balanced and objective coverage of this complex and important range of issues”.

Who were the SECRET 28 who ended all climate debate at the BBC?
‘Campaigners, NGOs, communications types – and scientists’
By Andrew Orlowski
Posted in Science, 29th October 2012 16:44 GMT

” …A squad of Beeb legal staff, including two barristers, crammed into a small court room to support the £354,000-a-year news chief against her opponent, a North Wales pensioner who was accompanied only by his wife. The case is a six-year freedom of information battle in which the BBC is refusing to disclose who attended a seminar it held in 2006.

This seminar is historically significant. The BBC’s global reputation for news reporting stems from its unshakable impartiality; even in wartime its commitment to maintaining evenhandedness has occasionally enraged British politicians (and sometimes servicemen). Following that 2006 seminar, however, the corporation made a decision to abandon impartiality when covering climate change – and that’s according to the BBC Trust. This was an unprecedented decision for the BBC in peacetime…. “

PBS in the USA are sh*ting themselves if Romney gets elected.
The blatant bias on “Climate” has left (and I do mean Left!!) the BBC badly exposed to a strong attack from rightists in the UK. Climate Change is a fizzer and as time goes by it will be more and more WRONG.


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