Posted by: Grant | November 6, 2012

Question – What happened to Kyoto?

Answer 1 – 2009 – it got mortally wounded when Senator Inhofe upstaged the new President Obama at Copenhagen –

Answer 2 – 2012 – It fizzled out. It is now an agreement-to-agree, sometime, soon, at the next conference, after consultation, in upcoming talks…..

Read the fine details on the ignominious end to the attempted UN IPCC revolution and their attempt at World Government on this blog post –

Kyoto Limping To An End
Posted on 4 November 2012

” …China? What are they thinking? Well, other than “Laughing all the way to the bank” and encouraging us to continue cutting our own economic throats: …. ”

Revolution? You ask. Yes, to attack our essential, intrinsic, fossil fuels in the absence of a demonstrated, viable, alternative IS revolutionary. It requires the destruction of Western Civilisation and the denial of Western Civilisation to the Third World in favour of a new Green Utopia under a World Government. This is best illustrated by the Green’s denial of the only two demonstrated viable alternatives – Nuclear and Hydro. Actually solving the doomsday problem and savin-da-planet comes after the revolution. (see “Delinquient Teenager” expose’ of IPCC on sidebar)


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