Posted by: Grant | November 7, 2012

Turnbull Attack On Jones Rebuffed By Public.

Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt have almost single-handedly destroyed “Climate Change” in Australia by creating a very real doubt about “the science”.

Jones deserves a medal for services to his country and journalism.

Malcolm Turnbull – the “preferred leader” has once again showed his complete lack of political competence by joining in the inner city middle class trendies manufactured attack on Jones, while the politically competent Abbott went with the public who supported Jones en-masse.

Herald Sun
Alan Jones gets dose of own medicine, says Malcolm Turnbull
AAP October 09, 20125:35AM

“BROADCASTER Alan Jones has got “a dose of his own medicine” from an online campaign encouraging sponsors to leave his program, coalition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says.
Mr Turnbull said on Monday the 2GB radio host had not been the victim of cyberbullying as Jones claimed but new media had allowed thousands of Australians to speak up “unedited and unmediated”…. “

Backlash fails to leave dent on Alan Jones
3:14pm October 30, 2012

The backlash against Alan Jones has had zero ratings impact with the 2GB broadcaster’s breakfast program increasing its share of the Sydney radio market

Jones still has a microphone, and people want him to use it
Paul Sheehan Date
October 31, 2012

” …The anti-Jones campaign has become problematic for its organisers.
In the marketplace of ideas, and the arena of freedom of speech, this controversy was a setback for Jones but has proved an abject defeat for his political adversaries in terms of market share.
The campaign targeted small businesses that advertised on the Jones program, jamming their online operations with anti-Jones spam. The campaign thus inflicted commercial damage on companies that had done nothing wrong.
The social media campaign which drove the anti-Jones campaign has been exposed as having organisers with clear organic links to the left, the unions and the Labor Party.   Ten days ago, Simon Sheikh, the long-time national director of GetUp, a social media network imported from the United States, announced he would seek preselection from the Greens as a Senate candidate in the ACT at the next election. This removed the fig-leaf, if one even existed, in front of the reality that GetUp serves as a proxy for the unions and the Greens.
Another anti-Jones organiser,, which like GetUp is a progressive social media network imported from the US, used to market itself as a politically neutral platform. It revealed itself as far from neutral when become an active cheerleader for the anti-Jones boycott campaign.
The campaign via was white hot for a week but quickly ran out of steam. After an initial surge of 100,000 online signatures in support of a boycott the growth in numbers fell to a trickle. When the petition closed after a month it had 116,000 signatures…. “


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