Posted by: Grant | November 9, 2012

Obama Re-elected – Republican FAIL

Several posts ago I commented – “pity about the billionaire Morman trying to buy their way into the Whitehouse”.

Anyone who has studied American History knows that the Mormans are a big part of it.
Romney should have addressed his sectarianism instead of supressing it.

That MAY have saved it, but there were a helluva lot of Americans who where NEVER going to vote for a Morman billionaire. A hellava lot.

The failure to confront and deal with the explosive issues in the secret fundraiser video of Romney ( )  looked guilty and left most Americans  going with the “devil you know”.

The Presidency was the GOP’s for the taking and they f*cked it up with the WRONG candidate.

As for “Climate”
Obama has stuffed up “Climate Change” badly.
    He has poured money into failed enterprises.
    He has supported failed technologies.
    He has attacked industrys.
    He has not supported Global Efforts.

There is now a large amount of doubt over “The Science”. This doubt was not exploited. It should have been.

“Climate Change” is now a demonstrated failure on a global scale. The Romney campaign could have benefited from that but failed dismally to do so.

Has Obama mearly dropped “Climate” for the election or will he revive the EPA and try to get “Renewables” right this time?
I try to deal with what actually happens in this blog, not speculation.
Stay tuned.

The tactic I would suggest for conservatives is to start casting doubt on the science of Climate Change, call for inquiries, embarrass the encumbants with their failures while vigourously setting their own, non leftist, Green agenda.


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