Posted by: Grant | November 10, 2012

“Natural” Gas Sneaks In Under Radar

This is a good assessment of the stupidity of Western P.C. Green politics.


Energy Voices.
UK Greens’ tragedy: a partial solution to warming
The world is on the cusp of dramatic reductions in greenhouse gases if China replaces coal power with shale gas. But Greens are fighting the technology to do that.
By Nick Grealy, Guest blogger
November 9, 2012

” …The UK has coal emissions of only 114 megatons out of 14,231 megatons. China has 6,946.  What is the point of converting 114 megatons to renewables, when even a 10% replacement of China’s coal with gas would save, at a conservative 50%, 350 megatons… “

” …Natural gas is not perfect, but it is not perfectly evil either. We are on the cusp of an energy transformation similar to that of oil over coal a hundred years ago and coal over wood before that. But we have UK energy actors in the new troika of Nuclear, Renewables and CCS proving the Upton Sinclair Theorem…. “

Nick Grealy is a shale gas consultant and publisher of No Hot Air, a forum on energy issues published from Britain that follows the emergence of shale gas around the world.


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