Posted by: Grant | November 15, 2012

Aussie Leftists Looking Desperate!

 As Climate Change unravels,  we had the attack on the very successfull Climate Denier radio personality Alan Jones which failed dismally – his ratings soared as listeners rallied.

Now we have them attacking a whole religion!!!

The announcement of an unnessesary Royal Commission into child abuse quickly degenerated into an unsavoury witch hunt.

Catholic voters are recoiling in horror as the P. C. inner city trendies are branding them all as pederasts!!!

The first reason for this is that one – Cardinal George Pell – is not just a Climate Sceptic, he is a Climate Denier!

Be prudent with climate claims
by: George Pell
From:The Australian October 27, 2011 12:00AM

The second reason for this is that the aussie Leader Of The Opposition, Tony Abbott, a Rhodes Scholar, is also an active Catholic and an inactive climate Denier.

A small number of paedophiles were able to operate up into the 1970s and the 1980s when it was a minor crime attracting a maximum 2 year sentence. In 2012 it is virtually stamped out and carries draconian penalties.

 (They still only get about 2 years in gaol, but they spend the rest of their long sentence under years of reprograming under very close monitoring and they never escape the computers.  To save the huge cost of prosecuting them and putting them all in gaol they are simply denounced and put on police computer blacklists for life.
Having impure, incorrect, thoughts on the internet is now just as dangerous as actually carrying them out. We actually employ a lot of police to sit around looking at kiddy porn – see any good porn at work today daddy?! – and to pretend they are children in chat rooms to catch horny sinners and parade them in front of the cameras. Thought Police George Orwell called it.)

Child abuse can be very lucrative financially for victims and a rewarding career path for law enforcement, sells lots of newspapers, attracts viewers and makes for millions of fat, paranoid, children who now all get driven to scbool.
Millions of innocent Catholics now see their whole faith actually threatened with bankruptcy for their retrospective crimes.

The unfortunate thing for the ALP is this went nowhere publicly. Unlike the ALP, and the government broadcaster, the commercial  mass media value their Catholic supporters!

I remember the Black Deaths In Custody R. C. where Commissioner Muirhead quit when it became apparent there was no actual problem after all – ooopsie.

The hapless, degenerate, Australian Labor Party just shot themselves in the foot again! Hipity hopity!

Prejudicial sleeze worked for Obama but Tony Abbott is not a billionaire Morman!

More here –
Commission on child sex abuse a depressing example of populist politics
November 17, 201212:00AM

THE dismal, populist and doomed quality of Australian governance has been on display this week with Julia Gillard announcing an in-principle royal commission into child sexual abuse, a panicked Tony Abbott falling into line and an ignorant media offering cheer upon cheer. Rarely has an Australian goverment embarked on such a sensitive and vast project in profound ignorance of what it was doing, with virtually no serious policy consideration and driven entirely by politics…. “

The public, of course, are to busy on Facebook – the mass media is now the minor media – they just want their voting pencils back ASAP! Julia alienated all her Catholic voters fer nuthin! You should be getting some Life-after-politics tips from Anna Bligh, Julia – not How-to-run-a-smear-campain!

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