Posted by: Grant | November 18, 2012

Treating The Aussie Public Like Mushrooms

Keep-em-in-da-dark & feed-em-on-bullshit (Minister Combet’s word not mine – I use “bullcrap”!)

China and India’s pursuit of coal-fired power smashes the rhetoric
Terry McCrann
November 14, 201210:30PM

” …The lie from Gillard was that China was closing a coal-fired power station every fortnight or so. Yes, closing old, small, really dirty ones.

What Gillard, of course, didn’t say is that China is opening many more and much bigger, new coal-fired power stations.
The net effect over the next few years will be a very big increase in the amount of power generated in China by coal-fired power stations – pumping out much more CO2 and much less dirty bits of grit.
Similarly Combet keeps claiming in that unique half-whine half-rasping snarl of his, that China is making huge increases in renewables.
Yes, they are making huge increases in the production of solar panels to sell to gullible politicians and the public in developed countries.
The lie to all this utter Combet crap was give by the latest IEA (International Energy Agency) projections, which showed China, already the world’s biggest emitter of CO2, now heading for a 50 per cent increase over the next 20 years.
According to the IEA, and its forecasts are almost certainly weighted on the low side by a combination of naivete and political correctness, China will increase its annual CO2 emissions by something over 2.5 million tonnes.
This not only gives the lie to Combet’s claim of China tackling climate change. It demonstrates the utter pointlessness of our efforts to change the climate.
China is going to increase its emissions by 2.5 million tonnes a year. We will cut ours by around 150,000 tonnes. China is going to increase by 16 times what we cut. And India is going to pump as much extra as China.
And that’s only what we cut in theory. We are going to buy two-thirds of our CO2 “cuts” from Europe, via pieces of expensive bits of paper. We are only going to cut our real emissions by around 50,000 tonnes a year.
That is to say, China and India combined will add to their emissions by around 90 times what we actually cut.
If we cut entirely to zero, and turned off all the lights, they’d still swamp by around seven or eight times
Could you ask for a better definition of utterly pointless? But also punitively destructive. In the serious damage it will do to our economy.
Greg and Julia will just keep churning it out.”

Look out Terry – when they’ve finished smearing Jones, Pell and Abbott, you’ll be next!!!


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