Posted by: Grant | November 19, 2012

De Ja Vue All Over Again In UK

This UK debarcle will be very familiar to aussies.

The Government, trying to be Green, decides to force up the price of power to make “alternative” “renewable” power more competitive and the uitilities are happy to oblige, spending up big on infrastructure and hugely expanding their empires.

Then – oopsie – the “alternative” is not an alternative and the “renewable” energy that can provide baseload power does not yet exist –

– then, surprise, surprise, the voter, and their employers, are seriously upset when their power bills almost double!! DURH!! –

– and, here is the pièce de résistance  – the Government then turn on the hapless utilites for the causing the huge power bills – HELLO!!!

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Green taxes blamed for high bills
Danny Fortson
Published: 18 November 2012

” …Politicians pilloried the “big six” utilities for a flurry of recent rate rises that have pushed up the average annual household bill to £1,330 — twice what it was five years ago. The companies claim that aside from the wholesale gas price, the biggest factor in rising tariffs is the raft of subsidies for wind farms and other low-carbon technologies…. “

China and India announce 206 Giant New Coal Powered Powerstations in the next 4 years!!! –

BTW – Yes, despite bluster from the “Yang” (Liberal Democrats) the “Yin” (Conservatives) are not going to commit electoral suicide with more wind turbines – ‘Job done’ on wind farms, says John Hayes – Telegraph –


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