Posted by: Grant | November 20, 2012

1.3 Thousand Million Dollars!

 Yes, that was how much was going to be wasted on this giant solar thermal experimental power plant.

Like the unnecessary desalination plants, which we are still paying off in our water bills thanks to the greenies, IF it worked, it would produce outrageously expensive and totally unnecessary power to NOT save a planet that does NOT need to be saved anyway!!!

No wonder our power bills have doubled!!!

Australia scraps Solar Dawn project
by Staff Writers
Brisbane, Australia (UPI) Nov 13, 2012

” …With ARENA soon to embark on a range of new initiatives, we look forward to sharing our experience and working with ARENA to help build Australia’s clean energy future,” said consortium spokesman Anthony Wiseman.

Solar Dawn had been dealt a blow in July when the Queensland government recalled its $78 million funding agreement for the project.

Australian Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson said at the time that by pulling the funding, Queensland was putting in jeopardy a project that represented $1.56 billion in economic investment to regional Queensland, 300 construction and local manufacturing jobs and a $70 million solar research and development program at the University of Queensland…. “

Thankyou Cambell Newman and the LNP.

1.3 Thousand Million Dollars would go a long way on the Bruce Highway!!

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