Posted by: Grant | November 21, 2012

Cooling The UK Rhetoric

The UK public are slowly seeing doubt creep in.
It’s fascinating to watch how they were slowly manipulated into “Climate Change” and now they are slowly being manipulated out of it!!

Cooling world is hot potato for UN
Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor
Published: 18 November 2012

Paywalled – full text here –

” ….“In the past two years we have seen a slight decline in temperature,” said Peter Stott, the Met Office’s head of climate monitoring and attribution. “However, it is such a short period that it is scientifically meaningless. Climate change can only be measured over decades — and the records show that the world has warmed by 0.75C over the past century.”
The Met Office figures show that, for the first 10 months of 2012, global temperatures averaged 14.43C; 2010 was significantly (sic) hotter at 14.54C.
Stott says the heat of 2010 was caused by an “El Niño” event, where warm water currents in the Pacific released unusual amounts of heat into the atmosphere. “It is a natural short-term fluctuation and nothing to do with climate change,” he said. The longer-term record shows global temperatures have hardly risen for about 15 years.
Stott said, however, that the key point was that, although global temperatures had not risen as predicted over the past decade or so, they had remained consistently above the long-term average. “This is why the Arctic icecap is melting and extreme weather events are increasing,” he said.

So it turns out that –

“…such a short period that it is scientifically meaningless. Climate change can only be measured over decades…“.

OK, so carbon dioxide “emissions” were insignifigant before WW2 when they skrocketed, and now they are about nine times that level (see sidebar => ) that’s 6 decades.

So, 6 decades after we really started “emitting” seriously we are now “emitting” 9 times as much “carbon” and yet the global temperature rise is insignifigant, entirely consistant with the natural background variation that we saw before, and has levelled out and may even be falling.
Waiting, waiting, waiting….

I know, lets wait a few more more decades before we panic and introduce the new Green Utopia under the new UN IPCC Green World Government to “save the planet”. Like the UK Met Office now says global warming “can only be measured over decades” and it has stopped, rising that is.

BTW – it doesn’t matter if the Arctic Icecap (floating ice) melts, Antarctica is gaining ice to compensate and extreme weather is just extreme weather. We need a bit more actual global warming before we can say it is in any way unusual, let alone worry about “extreme weather” or the climate changing.


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