Posted by: Grant | November 22, 2012

Don’t Mention Der Vind Turbines!

Munich Blackout!

Angela Merkel reacts to the Fuku Fukup by closing all her perfectly safe, modern, German Reactors. Whoopsies

Like I keep saying, engineers are always frantically winding up and down huge steam turbines to try and keep up with surges from wind turbines and solar panels.
Sometimes they fail.
They are only human.
There is only so much a Grid can take!


Munich’s Biggest Power Outage in Two Decades Brings City to Halt

” ….Power supply has moved to the center of the political agenda in Germany ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in March 2011 to replace nuclear reactors with clean fossil-fired plants and a growing share of renewable-energy sources. Her government has backed plans to prevent utilities including EON SE and RWE AG (RWE) from closing unprofitable power plants as the nation seeks to safeguard supply. … “

Munich faced a major blackout Voice of Russia

“The whole of Munich faced a major blackout due to a failure at a transformer substation in Bayern, in southern Germany.  It took two hours to repair the substation during which the multimillion city experienced a transport collapse. According to local residents, the failure will not affect Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to replace 17 nuclear reactors with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power stations.”

Power cut hits southern Germany after substation glitch

” …However, officials stressed that the power cut was not due to supply shortages linked to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to make a speedy switch to renewable power and turn off nuclear plants earlier than planned. Her vision of a “green revolution” has hit practical obstacles and raised worries of power gaps. Utilities and grid operators warned Merkel earlier this year that her policy could create a gap of up to 10 gigawatts by 2020 — equivalent to the output of up to 15 power plants. The ambitious energy switch is probably the biggest domestic policy initiative of Merkel’s second term. Already under fire for rising household electricity bills before next year’s election, she wants to avoid the prospect of major blackouts which could also hit industry…. “


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