Posted by: Grant | November 22, 2012

Off Topic – If I were Prime Minister

~meIf I were Prime Minister

Middle East.
Ask Egypt to give the Palestinians a homeland in Sinai. (This would need a push from the Israelis, another invasion)

Boat People
While Labor/Greens can relied on to stuff anything up (it should have been fed to the L/N as their own idea), the Malaysian Solution was on the right track. We need an agreement to shunt our boat people straight on to another country.

International Wage.
An international free trade agreement for all manufactured goods, manufactured under an international wage award negotiated by the ILO.

China Sea
China can have this little island and Japan can have this little island and the Phillipines can have this little island and Taiwan can have this little island – draw them out of a hat!

Road Toll 
The per-capita AUS road toll is not, and never was, to high. In fact it is much better than in most other countries. The wowser-driven obsessive purge on driving has resulted in a very high price being paid by a very large number of Australians for a very marginal reduction in a road toll that was NEVER to high. The numbers of ordinary people in our courts and our gaols for driving offences is ridiculous. Driving is not a right, but it is not a privilege either.  The argument that they should just obey like everyone else is fatuous – like saying “well, if he hadn’t stolen the bread, he wouldn’t have had his hand chopped off”!

Climate Change
There is nothing wrong with a simple REVENUE NEUTRAL carbon tax – keeps everyone happy. (Sorry to Rightists, but this blog is to defend science and oppose the Leftist Climate revolutionaries trying to tear us down) (The AUS carbon  tax is not simple or revenue neutral – it gets worse and worse)
Human carbon dioxide is proving very beneficial to the biosphere and 60 years after it really took off following WW2 there is no sign of any serious global warming as yet – we can wait and see.



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