Posted by: Grant | December 15, 2012

IPCC Document Leaked – YAWN!

imagesThe UN IPCC are preparing their new  – “scientists say” -doomsday, AR5 report as if it still matters.

Big  _  Deal.

They said the world would warm dramatically, yet emissions are ten times higher now, some sixty years later – waiting, waiting, waiting…..

They said “Alternative” “Renewables” would work yet they are all now a demonstrated failure.

China, India and Brazil, the powerhouses of the new century, see “Climate” as Western decadance. They are not interested in the new Green revolution or the new Green World Order of the new Green World Government or the new Green anything – FIZzzzzer.

IPCC AR5 draft leaked, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing
Posted on December 13, 2012
by Guest Blogger

UPDATE1: Andrew Revkin at the NYT weighs in, and semi endorses the leak, see update below – Anthony
UPDATE2: Alternate links have been sent to me, should go faster now.  – Anthony
UPDATE3: The main site is down but a large “all in one” RAR file (and bittorrent) has been created by a readers, see below. – Anthony
UPDATE4: 7:30AM PST 12/14/12 reactions are now coming in worldwide, see here, and the IPCC is going to issue a statement today. – Anthony

UPDATE5: 8:30AM PST 12/14/12 The IPCC has issued a statement on the leak, see below. -Anthony

UPDATE6: 12PM PST 12/14/12 The real bombshell of the report is now evident, see it here

UPDATE7: 12:30PM PST 12/14/12 Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. Analysis of UN IPCC Draft report : IPCC ‘shows almost complete reversal from AR4 on trends in drought, hurricanes, floods’  

Full AR5 draft leaked here, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing….

BTW – It was ALWAYS totally spurious to claim that Total Solar Irradiance was the only “natural forcings” acting on the Earth’s temperature in the short term and it still is.


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