Posted by: Grant | January 5, 2013

Greenies Chopping Up UK Wildlife.

The noise under a wind turbine is from the tips of the blades reaching a very high speed.

They act as giant macerators for birds and bats and insects.

The dead insects attract the birds and bats into the killing field.


Dying To Save The Planet

Wind farms vs wildlife
The shocking environmental cost of renewable energy
Clive Hambler
5 January 2013




  1. Hi Grant,
    It really is beyond belief that the greenies allow wind turbines. It has been known ever since the first turbine went up that birds and other wildlife get killed by them, yet you never see anything in the MSM about it at all. Plenty of video’s, hundreds actually on YouTube showing the damage that is being done.
    As always it is all about the money, nothing else.

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