Posted by: Grant | January 5, 2013


There is a statistical nexus between Earth Temperature and Sunspot activity measured since Galileo Galilei invented the telescope.

There is also a statistical nexus between stupidity and the Green Industry denial machine.

2012 Sun Prediction in Review
Dec 31
Posted by azleader

…Should Cycle 24′s peak remain below a sunspot number of 60 like it is now, it will be the first time that has happened since Cycle 6 in 1815 during the Dalton Minimum.

Solar physicists, like Leif Svalgaard, who went against prevailing thought and predicted very low sunspot activity back in 2005 were fully vindicated in 2012. Low sunspot activity this year also fits with the bombshell announcements that came out of a conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico in July 2011.

Now, solar physicists are saying it out loud … a Grand Minimum in solar activity is in the making and will affect the next and possibly more cycles….”

Its The Sun


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