Posted by: Grant | January 19, 2013


~meObfuscation is the clouding of an issue by smothering it with obscure, spurious, issues.

This Der Spiegel greenie is a master practitioner and this piece is a masterpiece of the art. He seems to have got most of it from GISS.

So what is being obscured?

ONE – The UN IPCC based its whole Climate alarm on computer models all of which are now not just wrong but obviously absurd. There is now simply no cause for alarm.

TWO – The only Global Warming that we did see for a while was trivial – entirely within the bounds of natural variability.

THREE – The tiny little bit of global warming that we did see is unable to cause any extreme weather. We may see more extreme weather IF the globe warms to any significant degree by the end of century. Then again we may not. The Globe could be now cooling. That will cause extreme weather!!!

Researchers Puzzled About Global Warming Standstill
Date: 18/01/13
Axel Bojanowski ( Original German) (English Translation)

” …What next?

Thus there are plenty of plausible explanations for why global warming has temporarily slowed down. However, the number of guesses also shows how inexact the climate is understood. Could La Niña, for example, continue to have a cooling effect? “The jury is still out on this”, NASA explains.

The bottom line is, however, that several signs of warming remain: The sea level is rising, but the Ice Caps are not melting yet the summer sea ice in the Arctic has been halved, but it just returns the same each winter and some but not all glaciers are melting or shrinking or growing. In some places, there is evidence that extreme weather events are increasing but the globe didn’t actually warm enough yet to be causing this
“There are many signs of global warming,” says Kevin Trenberth, “the surface air temperature is only one.”….” HA, HA, HA – you must be joking!


Warmist Spiegel-Euro-Media Concede Global Warming Has Ended…Models Were Wrong…Scientists Are Baffled!


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