Posted by: Grant | January 23, 2013

Arctic Sea Ice – NOT


Arctic Sea Ice Area Back To Normal!
Dramatic Record Refreeze Wipes Out “Dramatic” Melt Of August!
By P Gosselin on 16. Januar 2013

“Arctic sea ice extent today is, for all practical purposes, BACK TO NORMAL!

That return to normal only means one thing. The “dramatic melt” of August 2012 had to have been reversed completely by an equally dramatic refreeze this winter. Unfortunately we’re not going to find any news stories about that in the media, are we?

Ice and many other climate developments are only one-way dramatic for the warmists, i.e. only when it melts, and not when it refreezes.   “Oh! But hold on!” some of you out there may say. “It’s thickness (i.e. volume) that’s really important, and not area.”   Yes, that’s correct. But how come we never here the media talk about ice volume in August? In August, suddenly only area counts. Funny how they bring up volume only when ice refreezes and things are back to normal.  

If you do look at volume (Antarctica and the Arctic), then there really is nothing to worry about. Global ice volume varies by only a few thousandths of a percent globally each year – even over decades. I discussed this once already not long ago HERE.   If you charted global ice volume (Arctic + Antarctica) over time, the thickness of the line would more than cover the decadal variations. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a warmist to show such a chart. You’ll never ever see it from them.”

It really doesn’t matter what the Arctic sea ice does in high summer each year if it always comes back the same each winter and it does!


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