Posted by: Grant | January 30, 2013

My Carbon Price Is Better – Abbott

 Tony Abbott will get rid of the aussie carbon tax, BUT, he has his own price on carbon which he conveniently fails to mention.

This is because he has his own green faction who believe the planet needs saving by a price on carbon.


Under their “Direct Action Plan” Businesses that emit above their ‘business as usual’ levels will incur a financial penalty. A financial penalty for businesses sounds a lot like a carbon tax for businesses to me.

They will also spend like a drunken sailor on Green causes “purchase of 10 million tonnes of abatement through soil carbons by 2012-13.” ( a bizzarre scheme to plough charcol and biowaste into the ground ) “The Coalition will provide a $1,000 rebate for either solar panels or solar hot water systems, ” “The Coalition will also allocate $100 million to a Solar Towns and Solar Schools Initiative which will provide grants for towns” “We will allocate $50 million to a Geothermal and Tidal Towns Initiative”

Carbon tax impact must be stopped: Abbott
AAPJanuary 29, 2013, 1:24

AbbotA survey that shows businesses have estimated a 14.5 per cent jump in energy costs due to the carbon tax underlines why the impost must be scrapped, Tony Abbott says…. ” “It just goes to show that if you want to get this economy going again, if you want to make people’s jobs more secure, (and) families’ cost of living lower, get rid of the carbon tax,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday. “That will be the first thing that an incoming coalition government does.”

…and the second thing an incoming coalition government does will be to put a “financial penalty for buzinesses that emit above their ‘business as usual’ levels”!
The third thing the incoming coalition government will do is start spending our money on all their own not-quite-so-expensive greenie schemes to save-the-planet from Climate Change.

So which will be better, the Labor Carbon Tax or the Liberal “financial penalty” on buzinesses “carbon emissions”? The Labor green  Climate schemes or the Liberal green Climate schemes?

Doesn’t matter who you vote for you always get a politician. 🙂


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