Posted by: Grant | February 23, 2013

World Governance

~meThe woman who brillantly dissected the UNIPCC keeps digging.

Why is “Climate Change” so big?

Simple, you may have noticed that proponents are usually rabid leftists  and their opponents are all rabid rightists.

Climate alarmists are all Leftist revolutionaries who, following the failure of communism, are using the ubiquitous public sympathy for the environment to try to create a new world order. They demand the tearing down of our massive intrinsic fossil fuel based society, so it can be remade as a Green socialist utopia. 

The lack of any demonstrated viable alternatives, except nuclear, is not considered an obstacle.

Very dangerous if they got their way. What if they don’t invent or develop the required alternatives?!

world governance

…To be precise, by Kumi Naidoo – the head of Greenpeace International – and by Daniel Mittler whose title is, get this, “Political Director, Greenpeace International.”  

Greenpeace not only knows, it fully admits, that environmentalism is a political movement. The people who work for Greenpeace are advancing a particular worldview.   There would be nothing wrong with this if everyone was clear on that point. Indeed, if the media treated environmental activists with the skepticism that any political lobbyist deserves, if members of the public were reminded that lobbyists of every stripe mislead and exaggerate, if everyone understood that greens want power in… “


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