Posted by: Grant | March 4, 2013

Aussie Climate Commissars Strike Again

 climate commissarTo support its world-first climate tax the aussie government set up a Climate Commission and it has just brought out another report. TAH DA!

This was rapturously reported by the leftist government broadcaster – here –
AM – Climate Commission Australian ‘climate on steroids’ 04-03-2013

It was ignored by the two commercial morning TV shows. It is not an issue in OZ – the conservatives have their own green faction, like in the UK and cannot exploit it. The now dubious public are bored with it.

The Climate Commissars, Profs Flannery and Steffan, are hoping nobody will remember that they were all claiming during the drought that we were never going to see anymore rain due to Climate Change. Now Queenslanders and Victorians are paying off expensive desalination plants while the dams are full. The Queensland Government held onto the flood waters to long and the capital city, Brisbane, flooded because Profs. Flannery and Steffan told them the drought would continue forever due to Climate Change and they thought they should keep the water while they could!

This Climate Commission report was preceeded by a classic piece of stalinist propoganda, from the Weather Bureau of all places, which manipulated a couple of summer heat waves into “the hottest summer ever” (Pity those whose businesses who depend on weather forecasts!)

Jo Nova Trashes both reports on her beautiful Website. …

jo nova

Mystery black-box method used to make *all new* Australian “hottest” ever records

“This summer the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) invented a whole new metric to measure average national heat, which might be all very well except no-one (other than the BOM) seems to know what it is.   On January 7th the BOM claimed Australia set a new “average maximum daily temperature record”. Now the headlines are about the “hottest” Australian summer.

With both records, no one outside the BOM team has access to the methods or data. This post is about the new “daily” temperature of Australia used to declare Jan 7th was a record, but the same point applies to the “hottest summer” records, even though they may be a different data set. Where is the data? Where are the methods?

Is the BOM a science agency or a PR bureau?… “

~meThe bottom line, of course, is that there is  NO SCIENCE for the “Causes-all-the-bad-weather” theory, they just made it up as they went along, and that “Climate Change” is supposed to be caused by “Global Warming” and the “Globe” only warmed a trivial amount and then stopped, while fossil fuel burning rose almost exponentially in the 60yrs since WW2.

Nowhere do the Climate Commissars claim that the globe is warming. They claim it was warming and it will warm, eventually, by 2100 – trust them …. YAWN!

POSTSCRIPT – 5th March – One of the aussie morning news shows, Nine’s Today Show, got Flannery in and had a go at him about his previous drought claims and that he was making predictions about something that was now obviously unpredictable – HOORAY!!!! Onya Carl!

Poor Timmy, everybody is laughing at him now. He is crying about it all the way to the bank. In the immortal words of Herman Goering, Tim, “Well at least I had 10 good years”! Kerr CHING


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