Posted by: Grant | March 7, 2013

Greenland – NOT!

Greenland-map1So how much did Greenland melt with previous 8 degree temperature rises? – not much.

so much for the absurd predictions that surface melting is going to penetrate down over 1Km. of ice and cause it to break up and slide into the sea – DURH!

German Scientists Vahrenholt and Lüning: PIK Greenland Meltdown Scenario Handily Refuted
By P Gosselin on 18. Februar 2013

” …The surprising conclusion of the study, which appeared in the journal Nature: At air temperatures that were as much as 8°C higher than those of the 21st century, the ice mass melted far less then when compared to what was recently suspected. Back then the Greenland ice sheet played a far smaller role in the global sea level rise during the Eem interglacial than what was previously assumed. Should the current temperature rise in Greenland continue, then the reactions of the ice sheet in the wake of the Eem warm period apply as possible future scenarios for the ice mass on the island.”… “


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