Posted by: Grant | March 13, 2013

Off Topic – AUS Broadband Stuffup

~meA fibre-optic broadband network is excellent, But. 

You can always count on a Labor Government to stuff things up. Case in point, Australian Broadband.

My father has just moved into a modern hi-rise apartment.

He wants cable broadband. He cannot get cable broadband, the building is wired for pay TV by another company, which although owned by Telstra, does not provide internet, so like the average aussie he has to settle for ADSL non-broadband.

He tries an alternative company and is told he will have to wait 2 weeks so he goes to Telstra.

 Telstra of course are not interested in their copper wire network anymore, it will slowly become scrap metal as the NBN fibre optics slowly creeps out over 10 years.
They are also making an absolute fortune out of wireless broadband which costs several times more per Gig than they get from ADSL.

 They tell my father that it will take 2-4 working days, they do not tell him the “subject to”. He spends half an hour on the phone trying to get connected. The telstra man decides to put him into the “To Hard” basket and tells him he needs a $200 technician to visit and the next appointment is in 10 days time and the line suddenly drops out.

 This was a lie. The technician arrives and the line in the modern aptartment building was. of course. fine, it was just with another company.

So he then gets a line and is told it will take 2-4 working days, again they do not tell him the “subject to”. This was another lie, they knew there were extensive delays.

 Having signed him up, they refer him to a webpage to check his progress which suddenly tells him it is delayed for 10 more days.

When he complains he is told that Telstra are very short of technicians due to the bad weather!!!
Pull the other one – it plays God Save The Queen!

Over one month later he finally gets his ADSL non-broadband in his modern hi-rise apartment which has a nice view of the local telephone exchange.

Getting Fibre Optic into apartment buildings as a priority would dramatically increase the connection rate, as would using the Telstra and Optus pay TV cables, but that would be logical and practical – qualities sadly lacking in our inept government.


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