Posted by: Grant | March 13, 2013

The Energy Storage Problem

~meThis article demonstrates the fact that the political classes are way out in front of the science and the engineers – I call it the
If-we-can-put-a-man-on-the-moon syndrome.
Mass energy storage systems do not exist and cannot be magically conjoured up.
Half of the earth is always dark and the wind does NOT “always blow somewhere”!
Existing energy storage sytems, such as pumping hydro water  or lead/acid/battery-inverter systems are so astronomically inefficient that there simply would not be enough money or space to make Renewables possible, let alone viable.


” …A key problem is that the U.S. electrical grid has virtually no storage capacity, so grid operators can’t stockpile surplus clean energy and deliver it at night, or when the wind isn’t blowing.  To provide more flexibility in managing the grid, researchers have begun developing new batteries and other large-scale storage devices. But the fossil fuel required to build these technologies could negate some of the environmental benefits of installing new solar and wind farms, according to Stanford University scientists.   “We calculated how much energy it will cost society to build storage on future power grids that are heavily supplied by renewable resources,” said… “

The main problem with “Alternative” “Renewables” is not this energy storage problem but the energy density problem. They produce very small amounts of “free” power per each large piece of expensive machinery which does not last forever. They only produce a tiny fraction of The UK and USA power supply, yet NIMBYS and conservationists are already a serious problem for the politicians there.


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