Posted by: Grant | March 24, 2013


PowerBill whyHere’s a good one.

With an election looming, and powerbills soaring to “save the planet” (NOT!) this Aussie government lackey, the Chief Energy Adviser, has reassured the voter that power prices would now level out.

To which the punter is asking “why the *UCK did they have to double in the first place, then? Are we savin-da-planet or not?!!

Power price rises tipped to peak
by:Annabel Hepworth, National business correspondent
March 23, 201312:00AM

“THE explosion in household electricity prices will begin to moderate over the next two years, a report by the chief energy adviser says, as costly green schemes are wound back and the need for upgrades to networks built in the 1960s peaks.

The federal government seized on the report to declare it was good news for consumers struggling with rising electricity costs, but the Coalition sought to use it to criticise the carbon tax by pointing to the finding in the report that for 2012 the start of the carbon tax led to a “step increase” in the cost of electricity…. “

~meThe Coalition, of course, are also responsible for the high power bills.
The power prices were mainly the result of the RET (Renewable Energy Target) which gave the power providers a licence to print money.
The RET was passed unanimously.

The Coalition also believe in savin-da-planet and they have their own price on carbon – financial penalties for companies who do not comply with carbon reductions.

The reductions in “emissions” which caused the power prices to double are only tokenistic. Either there was no need for them and they can be cut back, or there still is a need for them and they will continue after the election.

“Renewable” energy is expensive. It is so inefficient that a 20% mandated target is enough to almost double our powerbills (as well as a very low power output, wind and solar need duplicate, idling backup generators, more powerlines and more substations)  as long as the RET is there we will be paying for very, very, expensive “renewable” energy and its infrastructure.
We are still waiting for a “renewable” that can provide baseload power – keep inventing! – come on, you’re not inventing – invent!

The Greens made sure that the Carbon Tax only starts off tokenistic, it gets more and more severe as time goes on.

Neither party is calling off the madness.



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