Posted by: Grant | March 30, 2013

MET Office Desperately Warms Up UK

Bob Chicken Recently the aussie Weather Bureau conjoured up the required P.C. “hottest summer ever” (it wasn’t – see previous post) as anecdotal evidence of a Global Warming “Climate On Steroids”

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe the MET Office keeps predicting a mild U.K. winter and getting the opposite.

All this as the sunspot count dwindles, the global satellite temperature record peaks, the Argo Floats data shows slightly cooling oceans and the northern hemisphere has freezing winter after freezing winter.

If you do need a reliable, non P.C. weather forecast for your business, you can buy one, there are many private meterologists available.

Here’s one:- World Weather Hayden Walker (Son of Lennox)

Warm Bias: The Met Office’s Disastrous Track Record
Date: 29/03/13
The Global Warming Policy Foundation

“The Met Office’s temperature forecasts issued in 12 out of the last 13 years have been too warm.  None of the forecasts issued ended up too cold.  That makes the errors systemic and significant… “



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