Posted by: Grant | April 4, 2013

Aussie Conservatives GROAN

~meAustralians are having to suffer repeated insults to our intelligence from the government Climate Commission that last summer’s obscure heat wave was the return of Global Warming and a portent of the coming wrath of Gaia.

Karl Stefanovic on the mainstream morning “Today Show” – complete video here – – does a good job of reflecting the growing public scepticism.

Then it all goes horribly wrong when Flannery simply points out that there is essentially no difference between the “Climate” policies of the two main political parties. GROAN!


Then  On the ABC’s 24hr news channel’s “The Drum”, which is doing a much more professional job than the rest of the ABC, we see an actual debate where a former Liberal Party minister gives it to a greenie with both barrels, something that conservative leader Tony Abbott just cannot do when he has his own price-on-carbon.

The greenie still believes that it is a severe political negative to deny Climate Change. Then he wonders why “The Left” are heading for electoral oblivian at the polls – DURH!

( see complete video here – )

Flannery et. al. go politically unchallenged on the issue and the farce becomes bigger and bigger and more and more expensive for the average punter.



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