Posted by: Grant | April 7, 2013

Gayle King The Greenie Alarmist

GayleOprahOprah went through a climate change phase at one stage and I now see where it came from.
Her best friend Gayle is in the Global Warming cult!

We saw it again just recently on “CBS This Morning” where a Time Magazine greenie was brought onto the show to explain away the unusually cold weather for Gayle.

“What’s happening is that the Arctic is warming up more than the rest of the world an’ that actually changes the temperature differential between the Arctic an’ the mid-latitudes where we live an’ that’s what is behind this changing jet stream, an’ so you have a situation where the Arctic sea-ice is melting an’ yet here it is colder in March an’ April… “

The greenie is lying of course. He is locked into the assumption that only human CO2 can affect the short term global temperature. The Arctic is NOT “melting” and neither is it warming more than the rest of the world. We do see a very long term, slight warming since the “Little Ice Age” ended but that is trivial and seems to have now stopped.

The climate change research industry constantly pick out spurious little anecdotal examples, such as “record Artic melt this year” or “record sea ice extent this year” to reinforce the conventional wisdom. Much like our recent obsure summer heatwave in AUS these are only examples of what will happen not examples what is happening.

There was a very low Arctic sea ice area last year which was trumpeted as the Arctic Ice melting due to global Warming, but as this article points out, it has already rebounded with a vengence and is basically back to normal. No significant melting trend.

Sea Ice News: Volume 4 #1 – Arctic Ice gain sets a new record
Posted on February 12, 2013
by Anthony Watts
From the Nature abhors a vacuum department

The Arctic is not melting because the Globe only warmed a trivial 0.7oC for a short while and then stopped. Also Antarctica has been gaining ice for over 10 years now and it is meant to be GLOBAL Warming!
The northern hemishere has been having record cold winters because they have more land mass than the south and because the sun-spot activity has dropped indicating a period of global cooling.
If the sun stays quiet the southern oceans will probably cool like the northern land masses and the global temperature will start to drop.

More detail on Arctic Ice here

POSTSCRIPT – Gayle King will not publish a retraction but the UK MET Office itself called an urgent meeting to discuss if melting ice is causing Britain to freeze  Mail Online – they published a report which debunked the claims of Gayle’s tame Greenie –  Met Office Now Admits Arctic Sea Ice Didn’t Cause Cold Winter –



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