Posted by: Grant | April 9, 2013

Disappointing Attack On Electric Cars.

 ~meYou may have noticed little toy helicopters buzzing around your head from time to time, something that would have been impossible without the development of the Lithium Ion battery for cell phones.

This power-to-wt. ratio offers the exciting prospect of pracktical electric automobiles.

It is very sad to me that they have been so badly politicized.Robot Battery Changer

The government tells us what kind of power plug we will all use, divides up the electromagnetic radio spectrum so all our TVs and radios work together, so why is it so difficult to set an electric vehicle battery standard which will facilitate robot battery changing technology?

A Robot Battery obviates the wait for the batteries to charge. You just drive in, put your card in the slot, and click-whirr your flat battery is gone and whirr-click your new battery is in place and off you go. You don’t even have to get out of your car! You do not have to worry about the lifetime of the battery because it is not your battery! You only own the car. This technology would take the electric vehicle from exotic toy to trendy gadget. Market forces would drive improvements to the technology.

It does NOT need government subsidies – they are counter productive as demonstrated with solar cells. (See Solyndra )

It does NOT provide a “vehicle to grid” solution to the “Renewables” energy storage problem because the renewable power is already extremely expensive and the losses of storing and recovering it put it in the ridiculous category. The main problem with “Renewables” is the energy density problem. You can power a city with a few standard power stations on the area of a farm whereas “Renewables” would need an area many times the area of the city itself.

PLEASE. Give electric vehicles a chance. Set international robot battery changing standards and encourage the technology and let the public decide if they like them.

ALL the issues raised by the Luddite Christopher Brooker in this unfortunate piece do not need to be a problem.















BTW – Lithium batteries need respect. They are very powerful. Buy good ones and don’t overcharge them. It’s not only Dreamliners that catch fire, they are likely to set fire to your garage if you leave them on charge to long and the same with your laptop.



  1. The problem is the battery Grant…they are expensive. I’ve mentioned capacitors in various discussions I’ve had, they are cheaper and less massive…and discharge slowly when isolated (i.e OFF). If effort was put into developing capacitor banks for electric vehicles with a small generator and Li battery for a sure start and recharge the cost of an electric vehicle would halve (at a minimum). Performance would improve also, and vastly so.

    • Yes capacitor banks are very good, but a small generator will still take a long time to charge the car with heavy use. I like the instant gratification of battery changing. lithium batteries are not inherently expensive like fuel cells with noble metal catalysts, they can be developed to be cheaper. All we need is a “AAA” “AA” “D-cell” international standard for EV batteries and a little push from governments.

      • Grant…a lithium battery for a golf buggy (not the ride-on type either) has a premium of an extra $300! An extra few hundred for a battery to propel the golf bag around the course. A small generator can still be rated and 5 to 8 kvh and cost a few hundred dollars…a small gas turbine purpose built and running from ‘autogas’ can be expected to do better… whilst capacitors do not degrade and are light. A capacitor bank and also be ‘replaced’, be built into a component ‘box’ and can be made now.


  2. wont work , think of the logistics.
    the average petrol station would service well over 2000 cars a day.
    so we would now need over 2000 battery packs swapped a day.
    these 2000 battery packs would have to be charged simultaneously,
    assuming it takes a day to charge each.
    were would you find the space?, where would you get the power from?

    remember bbq bottles swapped at bunnings aint cheap lpg,its just convenient

    • Well done paul, you’ve put your finger on it. Yes the battery packs are more bulkly than underground storage tanks, but there is home recharging and parking space recharging. I cannot see it being impractical, on the contrary. The power is a challenge, but natural gas high temperature fuel cells are quite well developed now, they would be ideal. You could even move that many battery packs around on trucks. It does not necessarily take a day to recharge each battery that is the limit of the power supply/mains outlet/transformer/rectifier they actually suck up DC power quite quickly.

  3. There is a battery that can be recharged by replacing the liquid inside. It is called a “flow battery”. (

    Pull into a refill place, drain the spent liquid, fill up with recharged liquid and you are ready to go again, just like petrol.

    The liquid is processed to ‘charge’ it again.

    • Thankyou Warren

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