Posted by: Grant | April 18, 2013

Europe – FAIL

20130420_woc453The European Parliament has voted decisively not to prop up their absurd price-on-carbon and decided not to try to force the rest of the world to pay them for airlines pollution permits. DURH!

Of course in a signal to the world on just how bizarrely decadent they really are, they are continuing to tax their own airlines to save-da-planet, while everyone else flies free – Double DURH!

We are happy in Aussie, but, because, believing its own propaganda, our own decadent, moribund, government have tied our price-on-carbon to the EU. Just as well the planet didn’t actually need savin’ innit?

EU carbon collapse deals blow to Australia
by:Ben Packham
April 17, 20133:19PM

EU climate change policy in crisis after MEPs vote against high CO2 prices – Telegraph

Carbon trading Below junk status – The Economist

Vote Leaves EU Emissions Trading in Tatters – Wall Street Journal –


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