Posted by: Grant | April 21, 2013

Long Detailed Expose’

~meLike myself, Marc Morano has studied the Climate change issue every day for about 10 years now. He picks out all the latest internet items for his “Climate Depot” every day. (I pick out just a few)

We live in a world of 30 second grabs and 3 inch screens, but if you want to dig deeper and have an hour to spare, listen to this interview.

If you are new to Climate Skepticism and you want the benefit of Marc’s vast experience you could do well to listen to this lengthy discourse on the subject.

Download it and listen to it in pieces if you don’t have the full hour to spare. (to download it, left click on this link – – and “save target as” )

Podcast 021 :
Interview : Marc Morano :The Great Global Warming Media Retreat
Published on Thursday, 18 April 2013 21:26


Podcast 021 : Marc Morano :
Interview Notes
Published on Thursday, 18 April 2013 21:26

Marc Morano’s Website & Related:  •Climate Depot (  •Climate Depot Special Reports (  •About Climate Depot (  •CFACT – Committe for a Constructive Tomorrow (  •About Marc Morano (      A Selection of Items Mentioned in the Interview:  ■ Marc Morano on the “warmist retreat” (  ■ The Economist article (  ■ Response by Michael Mann and Dana Nuccitelli (  ■ Kevin Trenberth’s comments, according to Real Science blog (  ■ Geoffrey Lean in the Telegraph (


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