Posted by: Grant | April 25, 2013

Gayle’s Pet Greenie – WRONG!

~meThis is how “Climate Change” is pounded into the conventional wisdom.

Thousands of plausable, spurious, fatuous, pseudo-scientific claims which are NEVER challenged but are ALWAYS WRONG. Exasperating, really exasperating.

The jetstream is not causing record cold winters in the northern hemisphere. “Natural forcings” of global temperature have easily overcome a totally insignifigant human contribution to the atmospheric GHG effect and disproved the whole UNIPCC global warming alarm.

Gayles Pet Greenie WRONGGayle King The Greenie Alarmist

“POSTSCRIPT – Gayle King will not publish a retraction but the UK MET Office itself called an urgent meeting to discuss if melting ice is causing Britain to freeze  Mail Online – they published a report which debunked the claims of Gayle’s tame Greenie – – Met Office Now Admits Arctic Sea Ice Didn’t Cause Cold Winter – “


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