Posted by: Grant | April 30, 2013

CO2 Is A Saturated GHG – Explained

A fundamental flaw in AGW alarm is that, by itself, carbon dioxide is not a problem. It needs to be amplified. That’s where it gets complicated. Really complicated.

This is a very clear and easy to follow explanation of that.

It is interesting to me because it does not rely on refuting the water vapour positive feedback premise, although it does this very effectively as well.

CO2 is Logarithmic Explained
Posted on September 7, 2011

scientist …The climatologists have a variety of explanations for this.  In brief, CO2 doesn’t reflect long wave radiance as many people think, it absorbs it.  This heats the CO2 up, which causes it to radiate more heat, but the photons it releases can be emitted in any direction.  Up, down, sideways…  long story short, some escapes to space and some gets sent back to earth, about 3.7 of the 5.5 additional watts.
This issue alone is a long complicated discussion, but rather than argue it, let’s just accept the numbers.  Doubling CO2 levels from the pre-industrial level of 278 PPM causes an increase of 3.7 watts per meter squared, and that results in a temperature increase of 1 degree C.
The various theories then go on to claim that increased temperatures result in increased water vapour, which is itself a greenhouse gas and supposedly adds another 2 degrees C to the warming.  We’ll debunk both of those, but let’s put aside the water vapour for the moment and just focus on the CO2…. “

~meNone of this is rocket science.
The contention that a small rise in this minor trace gas is going to increase the effect of the Earth’s greenhouse gas, water vapour, is a highly debatable and unproven assumption.
People with a higher education should be aware of that – the education system is failing us – and scientific bodies should be pointing that out to the journalists – they too have failed us.



  1. Photons are not ‘heat’ at all Grant…the biggest errors in the GHE are due to its antiquity and then associated error riddled lexicon. The political backbone of ‘the science’ uses words then attempts to play ‘science’…those photons also are not measured with suitable accuracy to distinguish the cooling of Nitrogen and its productions of photons. CO2 is not warming in the GHE so an increasing mass within the atmosphere remains cooler than the predominate component, Nitrogen. CO2 can shed energy as it kinetically warms far more readily then Nitrogen (and also Oxygen).
    The hypothesis of the GHE is over one hundred years old and is been rendered outdated by so much more modern science that the entire concept should be sent back down to the bin and then remain there.

  2. Thank you Peter

  3. I suppose he is puting the argument that since photons are defined as electromagnetic radiation and heat is em radiation then photons are heat?

  4. The Photon is considered an expression of an electromagnetic particle\wave indeed but its energy is not ‘heat’ whilst ‘heat’ is that energy measured as a kinetic temperature associated with expressions of ‘warmer’ and ‘cooler’. The misnomer you present is that which is been fed out in media report.
    A photon is not ‘heat’, a photon is not measured as a kinetic temperature associated with something being ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ but via hypothesis a photon can be associated with a body that had a temperature when that photon was produced. That hypothesis being the Theory of Uniform Blackbodies.

  5. I would point out again thus how the media driven issue that Global Warming|Climate Change is always been…an effort to effect policy making…mistook notions associated with ‘colour temperature’, and thus photography, with kinetic temperature and then by attention of the WORD ‘temperature’ was the grand folly that the GHE is within modern politics produced.

  6. Then are the fundamental flaws within the GHT, as you point such out, themselves to play second to the outright mistakes made via WORDS to pretend that Photons are (somehow) ‘heat’ (as measured via kinetic Temperature). The end result does grandly exaggerate a warming process involving CO2 which cannot, otherwise, actually exist!

  7. Then, regarding the warmists wordgames, realise the same is been done in attempt to have Carbon Dioxide labelled as ‘Carbon’, as Carbon exists as a solid within the atmosphere, then further to cover their path with hubris are notions of a supposed ‘carbon equivilance’ presented.

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