Posted by: Grant | May 2, 2013

Hope-u-din-have-shares-init !

~meThis UK financial market guru, warns that the UK is heading to an inevitable energy crisis due to unsustainable “sustainables”!! DURH!
I thinks it’s called “Liberal Democrats” disease!
We have the same problem here – we call it “The Greens” or the “Bourgeois-trendy-interlectual-snobs” disease or even the “Trendy-innercity-socialist-graduate disease.


…The UK looks increasingly certain to be heading for a crisis in its energy policy in our view. The crisis is likely to come to a head via either:
1) a huge spike in wholesale prices as the power market anticipates a short term shortage of physical capacity; or
2) a longer term shortage of dispatchable generation capacity that puts security of supply at serious risk, or
3) through spiralling consumer costs that will inevitably force a future government to renege on its policy commitments; or
4) sharply rising profit levels reported by developers coinciding with rising consumer bills which become politically unacceptable to the government of the day.

There is a high probability in our view that several of these catalysts could combine together to create a ‘perfect storm’ of a crisis within the next decade. If this happens then there will be three casualties in the crisis… “

Forbes Warns us also –


And Bloomberg –

U.K.’s $582 Billion Energy Switch Faces Crisis, Liberum Says
By Sally Bakewell

And Telegraph

If an energy crisis hits, it will be the companies that will ‘get shot’ Russian Roulette.
That is one leading City analyst’s bleak verdict on the Government’s approach to energy policy.
By Telegraph staff
9:06PM BST 30 Apr 2013


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