Posted by: Grant | May 9, 2013

Show Us The F*CKIN’ ZOD!!

 ZOD = Zero order draft.

Getting more and more sensitive and defensive, the Alarmists are resisting scrutiny.

This article is more interesting for its revelation of the process behind the big new UNIPCC report.


…”Can we say that” is particularly revealing. It’s a common misconception – a sign of the media’s deference to scientists, perhaps – that the IPCC consists of a properly appointed actual panel somewhere. As Stott cheerfully confirmed, beyond a small technical administrative support team called the TSU, there isn’t really “an IPCC” at all. Self-selecting scientists kick off the assessment process, often gatekeeping material by their friends and colleagues, hard-green campaign groups etc. From the Second Draft stage of the review process the room is full of government officials – the international bureaucracy effectively takes over. The rules are set by the participants, making it up as they go along, Lord of the Flies-style. The Osborne-Stocker exchange illustrates a normal example of one scientist colluding with another in anattempt to prevent the public finding out how the process works…. “

” …The IPCC is the United Nations organisation’s process for providing climate advice to policy makers. Every few years it updates this advice, which takes the form of three gigantic reports: one assessing the physical basis (called Working Group 1, or WG1); another considering the impacts (WG2); and the third the mitigation options (WG3). None of the groups does any original science. They’re supposed to write fair summaries of the state of the science – although you’ll notice that WG3 already plays with loaded dice: it is about “mitigation”, not “adaptation” nor “economic costs” or even “low carbon technological innovation”. Each of these groups writes three drafts in a rolling process before they’re signed off as official UN policy. What Holland is seeking the “zero order draft” – aka Draft No. 1 – of Working Group 1. He couldn’t care less what’s in it, but wants to establish the principle that citizens can see it. As it happens, much of this material is alreadyall over the web. But as Judge Dhanji pointed out, that’s by-the-by. Holland justified his request on the twofold basis that the WG1 zero draft must, and should, be publicly available…. “

” …The IPCC’s defence was twofold: the ZOD work needed to be kept from the public because the participants were learning the ropes, and because it offered a sanctity of private thought required for this vital education. Exposing the scientists to the public at this stage would be like mocking a Learner Driver for knocking over the traffic cones. This would be horribly cruel, defence argued. “The Zero Order Draft is a training document we can take to a few people to tell us ‘are we on the right lines here?’ ‘have we learned to write a document?’ The lessons we learn we can then take on to produce the first First Order Draft to formal review,” Stott said…. “


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