Posted by: Grant | May 10, 2013


What is REALLY staggering about this is the amount of money being splashed around to “save-da-planet” which seems to be doing quite nicely all by itself!
I wish they would wait until some signifigant global warming came along – “+0.8oC” could be a trivial coincidence due to natural causes.

Who was the genius who gave $200,000,000 of our dollars to a committee to splash around on Climate Change?

I mean it was just a matter of time before one of the little piggies was going to get jealous and denounce the big piggys for nepotism. DURH!





Grants process sent to auditor
by:Julie Hare, Higher Education Editor
May 09, 201312:00AM

busted2EXPERTS on a panel responsible for handing out $200 million in government research funds have awarded so many grants to entities linked to each other or colleagues that independent MP Rob Oakeshott has referred them to the Auditor-General.

An analysis by The Australian reveals the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s advisory panel chaired by Melbourne University professor Snow Barlow has awarded members or collaborators $23m from a pool of $77m in the first two rounds of a four-year program aimed at climate change mitigation and adaption in agriculture…. “

No wonder “the science is settled” – this kind of money buys a helluvalot of settled science!!!



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