Posted by: Grant | May 13, 2013

Where’s The Warming?

~meA clarification of the previous post.

There is an unfortunate trend to show esoteric doctored graphs on both sides of the argument. Here is a simple, straight-forward graph from government websites.

I contend that we can take the end of World War Two as the starting point of “climate change”, Nee “global warming”, because that was when fossil fuel burning really jumped up steeply.
WWII was 67 years ago, we should be seeing something more significant by now.
All we get is background noise – the long, slow, natural, warming since the end of the “Little Ice Age”.

There are almost no simple graphs of temperature vs. year, let alone graphs showing the picture since fossil fuel burning really took off post WWII, but I dug out this NOAA one [ ] and heavily modified it so it now shows on full scale, symmetrical axes, the post WWII data.

The fossil fuel insert is a slight modification of this – – see sidebar.



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