Posted by: Grant | May 14, 2013

The Prince And The 5000 Dead Pensioners

PrinceCharles3Royalty are supposed to have “good causes” – land mines etc., etc. – but they are also supposed to stay out of politics.

Now the fact that both sides of politics officially support “Climate Change” to a greater or lessor extent does not make it any the less highly political.

Charles, the heir to the throne, has been sucked into the Climate Change cult, listens only to a few snivelling sycophants from the cult, and is too stupid to realise the damage he is causing.

People are dying.

Prince Charles criticizes ‘corporate lobbyists’ and climate change skeptics for turning Earth into a ‘dying patient’  The Raw Story

Meanwhile, back in the real world….

Another record cold UK winter. If you get hungry enough, you turn the heating off so you can eat and hope that Global Warming kicks in in time to save you from freezing to death! It is not a painful way to go and you fade away knowing that the astronomical energy bills that killed you are savin’-da-planet from global warming like HRH wants you to.
Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
Fade to black.

5,000 lives believed to have been lost due to bitter March  Metro News


” …Five thousand people die every winter as they face paying more than 10% of their income on energy bills, Government fuel poverty review chief Professor John Hills said.
Department of Health chief medical  officer Professor Dame Sally Davies wrote in the Health Protection Agency’s cold weather report: “Mortality rises 19% in winter months in  England.
“These are not people who would have died anyhow at the time. Very severe weather can substantially add to this death toll.”
National Pensioners Convention spokesman Neil Duncan-Jordan said: “Britain’s high winter death rate is a national scandal.
“The causes are poor housing, low pensioner incomes and high energy prices. The Government is complacent and must do more to help.”…”


He should try turning the heating off in The Palace next winter to save-da-planet and see how his elderly mother likes that idea!

These reports are now regular in the UK media.
Energy price rises prompting larger-than-average cutbacks in Wales – Wales Online

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