Posted by: Grant | May 18, 2013

USA recovers, Europe Fades

 The Climate Change revolutionaries behind the UNIPCC never stood a chance in the U S of A, but they almost succeeded in destroying Europe so it could be remade as a Green Socialist Utopia.
Their attempts at a Green Economy were fatally flawed and are now proving politically untenable.


May 16, 2013, 3:01 p.m. ET.
Europe’s Manufacturers Feel Squeezed As Officials Talk of Rebuilding Industry, Business Leaders See the Real Challenge as Just Holding On

Meanwhile in the USA, A fracking boom sneaked in under the Obama/Greenie regulation radar, which was focused on Climate Change, and now it is too late to stop it.

I note “The Left Coast” is unsurprisingly failing there.


America Works

5/15/2013 @ 10:30AM |5,973 views
America’s New Manufacturing Boomtowns
Joel Kotkin, Contributor

” …With the exception of oil-rich Bakersfield, no California metro area approaches the top rungs of our manufacturing list. Most worrisome is the poor performance of Los Angeles-Long Beach, which ranked 46th out of 66 large metro areas. Still the nation’s largest manufacturing region, L.A. has lost some 4.7% of its industrial jobs since 2010, declining as the nation’s factory economy surged forward. Doing even worse is neighboring San Bernardino-Riverside, traditionally where L.A. firms expand, ranking a dismal 64th. But not all the bad news is in California. The most poorly performing manufacturing metro areas include such old industrial hubs as Camden-Union, rock bottom at No. 66, which has lost 7% of its manufacturing jobs since 2009 and a remarkable 23% since 2007. Both No. 62 Newark-Union, N.J., and No. 56 Rochester, N.Y., are also rapidly becoming industrial has-beens. Clearly America’s nascent industrial revival still has not reached many parts of the country. But given the evident relationship between growing economies generally and a vibrant manufacturing sector, perhaps more regions will place greater emphasis on industrial employment as they seek to recover from the Great Recession.”

Full List: The Big Cities Leading The U.S. Manufacturing Revival –

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