Posted by: Grant | May 19, 2013

The LNP Environment Policy – Clever


~meThe Aussie conservatives look set to romp it in in the September Election and their draft Environment plan is very interesting.

They will abolish the Climate Change Department – good.

They will face down the Opposition with a double dissolution on the Carbon Tax if alarmists still control the Senate – good.

They will water down their ridiculous “Direct Action (carbon) Plan” by calling for submissions, discussions, etc, etc, and eventually try to bring it in a year into their 3 year term , maybe – good.

They will try to head off the very real threat to the Queensland Mining and Agricultural industries by the EU greenies at the UN with a G.B.Reef “protection strategy” – good.greenies

They will create a “Green Army” and “Landcare Recovery” projects so happy little greenies can run around savin-da-planet without doing to much harm to the Country’s economy – good.

They will negotiate with the States to consolidate “green tape” and streamline environment protection measures – good.

RET LaughAll good – BUT

WHAT ABOUT THE RET?! (Renewable Energy Target)
It was the mandatory RET which caused our power bills to double almost overnight.
It was the RET which gave the power generators and distributors a licence to print money.
It was the RET which made Aussie Industry uncompetitive.
It was the RET which waste(s) billions on “alternatives” which simply do not work.
It is the RET which continues to pour our money into sterile unproductive industrys which need a miracle to succeed.
It was the most stupid mistake made by the AUS parliament and it was made almost unanimously, by both sides of politics.

Liberals’ plan to dismantle carbon laws
May 18, 2013 12:00AM (paywalled)
also here

” …The timetable outlines how the Coalition’s environment plans would be implemented. The federal environment department would be instructed on day one of an Abbott government to prepare legislation to scrap the carbon tax. The legislation would be introduced to parliament on day 30 and preparations would be made for a double-dissolution election after five months if parliament did not agree to repeal the carbon tax.

A call for submissions on the direct action plan to replace the carbon tax would be made on day 30 of an Abbott government and a white paper prepared the following month.

The white paper would be released on day 105 with a two-month consultation period before legislation was introduced on the six-month anniversary of a Coalition government. Implementation would take place after 10 months.

Discussions would begin with state governments to hand over environmental decision-making powers after one month, with a preliminary agreement in place at the end of month two.

The blueprint suggests a series of one-stop shop agreements would be reached with states over several months and amendments to the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act after eight months. The document aims to have all agreements in place on the first anniversary of a Coalition government…. “



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